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Introducing our Thinning Hair Tallow Shampoo Bar, designed to nourish and strengthen thinning hair. Made with all-natural ingredients, this shampoo bar contains tallow and essential oils, such as lemon and clary sage, known for their benefits for hair. Lemon essential oil helps to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, while clary sage essential oil promotes overall hair health. This shampoo bar is gentle enough for daily use and free from harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to healthy, luscious locks with our Thinning Hair Tallow Shampoo Bar.

Thinning Hair Tallow Shampoo Bar

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Tallow Shampoo Bar
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  • Thinning Hair: lemon peel* infused distilled water, grass fed beef tallow*, coconut oil*, olive oil*, castor oil*, sodium hydroxide, clary sage and lemon essential oils*


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